I have been learning from customers since 1999.
My experience ranges from print to digital, consumer to enterprise, desktop to mobile, visual design to communication strategy.

I’m interested in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and open communication to uncover and achieve the common goals companies and their customers share.

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The UX Paradox

A few weeks ago, I shared a wonderful illustration by Brady Bonus that appeared in UX magazine. I share regularly on LinkedIn, and this has been by far my most liked and re-shared post.

When I come across these types of illustrations, I often print them out and paste them on my whiteboard at work. In an analog version of a social media comments thread, team members start modifying these physical posts, often poking fun at the topic. They become a conversation.

A few days ago, something interesting happened. A team member referred to the bike from the comic. He used the bike as a metaphor for the simplest solution to the problem he was presenting. To him, the bike represented the minimal viable product.